“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.”       – Zig Ziglar

What does it mean to commit?  One definition of the word commit means to pledge or align (oneself) to a particular cause, action, or attitude.  Anusara yoga teaches us that the highest purpose of the practice is to attain peace and happiness.  But it is not something that is going to happen on its own.  Yoga is a co-participation, we need to put the effort in to the practice in order to receive its benefits.  So we make the commitment to show up on the mat and practice.  Every time you practice yoga, you commit not only to the workout but you also commit to yourself, you commit to aligning with your highest being.

Along with commitment you have to have faith and trust.  When you find yourself in urdhva dhanurasana (backbend) and your teacher is telling you that the posture is going to make you happy, when really you feel like you want to collapse on the floor, have faith and trust not only in your teacher but also in yourself.  You put in effort to show your commitment and from that your heart opens to receive the fruits of the practice.

A short practice to integrate commitment by opening the heart through shoulder loop

Commit to your journey.  Commit to the light of your heart.  Through commitment you find your highest being.  You find peace and happiness.

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