Aparigraha is one of the Yamas, which is a set of mental practices.  Aparigraha (a*par*i*gra*ha) is the practice of non-attachment or letting go. It teaches us not to cling to people, places, things, or ideas.  It teaches us to look within for the source of our happiness.  So often we look to external things such as relationships, money, and material possessions to fulfill us.  But when those things fail or do not come to fruition we become sad, weak, and empty.

Practicing Aparigraha does not mean to disengage or isolate yourself from your environment or to disconnect emotionally from relationships, rather, it teaches you to realize that letting go is a natural part of life.

When things happen such as death, break-ups, and loss of a job the tendency is to dwell or hold on to the loss.  Things are going to happen in life which you will deal with as they arise and Aparigraha teaches you to deal with it and keep moving forward.  As you let go you create more space for possibility.

Aparigraha teaches you to have inner strength.  It allows you to realize that the essence of your happiness comes from within and not from a flat screen TV.  By practicing Aparigraha you feel peace and ease, and through that comfort you find the essence of your being which is an open and happy heart.

Below is a short practice of binding and letting go.

In your yoga practice think of taking the physical bind to gather any attachments or clinging tendencies and as you release the bind, you let go- Aparigraha.

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