“Be sure to put your feet in the right spot, then stand firm” -Abraham Lincoln

So often in life we find ourselves getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of managing work, home, family, relationships, ect.  Getting so caught up in the routines of life that we lose sight of our own being and sometimes our own happiness.  It is important to remember to go back to the root, your heart, to ground down and draw upon that inner strength.

In Anusara Yoga, the first Universal Principle of Alignment is to set the foundation and open to graceThe foundation is the contact that the body makes with the ground.  More importantly it is a strong expression of your mind, body, and heart. Foundation comes from the Latin fundare “to lay the groundwork”, just as a building has a strong foundation to support such a large structure, the body needs to have a strong foundation to support the structure of the pose.   The way you place your hands and feet will support the ability to have more freedom in yoga.   The foundations you set in your life will support the freedom of your heart out to the world.

Distinguish in your life what really counts and let that be your foundation. Placing the things that are important to you in your heart to give you groundedness, stability, and inner strength.  Keep that firm and trust in the groundwork you lay.  A strong foundation will allow you to have more freedom to live and love.  It will always be a source that you can go back to, draw upon and return back to your heart.

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