Set the foundation and open to grace is the first universal principle of alignment in anusara yoga.  Literally it is the placement of your hands/feet to the ground and taking a breath.  Setting the foundation and open to grace are so much more than those two simple things.  The first principle sets your intention and allows you to connect with your heart.

The foundation of the pose is not only the physical contact with the earth, it is an outward expression of your inner being.  When the foundation is placed with care and thought it allows your intention to take root and grow throughout the practice.  When you open to grace, you soften your boundaries so you can open and connect to the world around you.  The tantric philosophy teaches us that spirit and nature are connected, so when we open to grace we take a moment to pause and remember that we are an embodiment of the universe and the universe is embodied in us.  Therefore, allowing our practice to be an expression of our heart from the inside out.

Let intention motivate your outer form.  Take a moment to pause, remember what is important to you, and soften the boundaries of limitation.  Open to grace and have trust in your ability and the power of your heart.  When you open to grace you allow possibility to be limitless and your happiness to be infinite.

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