hatha yoga

The equinox is a when the tilt of the Earth on it’s axis is neither inclined toward or away from the sun.  With the autumnal equinox the center of the sun is in line with the equator bringing equilibrium to the day and night.  It is a moment of balance for the earth, sun, and moon.

Hatha yoga is the bringing together of energies from the sun and moon.  Ha meaning sun, tha meaning moon, and yoga meaning union.  It is through Hatha yoga that we activate our solar and lunar qualities to find balance and equilibrium within.

The sun is associated with the masculine qualities of the self and also represents light, daytime, heat, and power.  These solar qualities fuel our passions, make us strong, allow us to grow, and gives us the will to engage in life.

The moon is associated with the feminine qualities of the self and is representative of night, cool, calm, reflection, and consciousness.  The lunar qualities are more subtle and remind us of our connection to all.

While there may be times that the sun and moon may be hidden from our sight, they are always present.  In the daylight, the not so visible moon still wields the tide, and at night the presence of the sun is there as it’s light reflects off the moon’s surface.

Through Hatha yoga, ignite the masculine and feminine qualities of the self and embrace the aspects of the sun and moon within.  As the equinox is the balance of day and night, Hatha yoga helps you find the balance of your solar and lunar traits.  As a result, you find peace, harmony, and equanimity.

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